April 23 2008

Spree 0.0.9 Releasedby railsdog

Spree 0.0.9 is now officially released. The main new feature in this release is a more sophisticated data model for inventory. Behind the scenes we have removed the dependency on the Engines plugin and dramatically simplified how the code is organized. You can now run the Spree application directly from your cloned repo (no more starter-app directory.) We have also simplified the “quick start” instructions to a ridiculously simple five steps (including Step #5 which is to launch the application!)

<p>1.) Install spree Gem </p>
<pre><code>$ sudo gem install spree</code></pre>
<p><span class="caps">NOTE</span>: This may take a while.  The gem currently includes a frozen version of Rails 2.0.2</p>
<p>2.) Create Spree Application</p>
<pre><code>$ spree <app_name></code></pre>
<p>3.) Create your database and edit the config/database.yml to taste.  You can skip this 

step if using sqlite3 as your database.

<p>4.) Bootstrap</p>
<pre><code>$ cd <app-name>

$ rake db:bootstrap

<p>5.) Launch Application</p>
<p><code>http://localhost:xxxx</code> <br/>


<p>There are two minor (and temporary changes) to be aware of.  The first is that we have removed the free tagging feature.  I decided it wasn’t worth supporting free tagging when we’re planning on replacing it with a much more powerful taxonomy system.</p>
<p>Another short term change to be aware of is that it is not possible to override the views and controller code yet.  This is a byproduct of removing our dependency on Engines.  Rest assured this will all be added back in the next release.  The focus is on finishing our stable foundation in time for Railsconf.</p>
<p>This new code layout is going to be incredibly powerful.  Not only is it paving the way for pluggable extensions, but it also simplifies development and should make it easier for users to upgrade their Spree deployments in the future (since all of the necessary code will reside in the gem.)</p>