May 06 2008

Spree Extensions Are Comingby railsdog

The latest source code now includes basic support for extensions. For those who don’t already know, extensions provide the means for developers to provide new (or override existing) models, views and controllers. They are a standard way of extending basic Spree functionality and are intended to allow individual developers a mechanism for customizing Spree while minimizing the likelihood of problems when upgrading to a subsequent release.

<p>In the near future, Spree will also include several built in extensions.  One such extension will provide for basic tax calculation.  The idea is that Spree users will write and share their own extensions within the community.  Such cooperation is now easier then even with the advent of git and github.</p>
<p>A word of warning on the current state of extensions.  The code is very rough.  It has been subjected to only minimum testing.  We will be working out most of the issues the next few weeks as we prepare for the first beta release.  Now that we have multiple contributors actively working on the project I wanted to make sure the code was made available <span class="caps">ASAP</span>.  So consider extensions a work in progress at the moment.  For those who are curious to see what they look like, they’re now available for your consideration.  Stay tuned to the slowly expanding documentation featured in the <a href="">developer’s guide</a> for more information.</p>