May 23 2008

Pulling the Latest Changes into your Forkby railsdog

Just a quick writeup for those of you you who have a Spree fork and you want to grab the latest changes (since the point of your fork.) Run the following git commands from inside your local fork.

git remote add spree-github git://
git checkout -b spree-official/master
git pull spree-github master
git checkout master
git merge spree-official/master
<p>This creates a branch before merging.  That’s the absolute safest way to do it.  If there are conflicts and you don’t want to deal with them you can just switch back to your main branch and delete the spree-official/master branch.</p>
<p>The shortcut way to do this (with no special branch) is as follows</p>
git remote add spree-github git://
git pull spree-github master
<p>You can find this and other git cheats in the brand new <a href="">Git Cheat Sheet</a>.</p>