March 01 2009

Spree Roadmapby railsdog

With each passing week the rate of contributions to Spree is increasing. Last week we had some awesome contributions by David North and Wynn Netherland which will be the basis for a massive redesign of the user interface. The feature suggestions and patches also continue to come in at a steady rate. Finally, we continue to learn more from our real world Spree deployments and this is resulting in improvements to the core as well. I wanted to take a moment to sketch out a brief roadmap of where I see the project going in the short term.

Spree 0.7.0

The major change in this release will be single page checkout. We’re adding a fancy javascript based checkout to replace our current multiple screen process. This should help significantly with some real world issues we’ve been seeing with customers doing crazy and unpredictable things with the back button and refresh. The first version of the single page checkout will be pretty basic looking (just like the current checkout screens are now.) We’ll refine the look and feel (as well as the javascript) in subsequent releases.
Multiple page checkout should still be possible but you will have to provide the actual views and controller logic yourself now (or use someone else’s extension to help you.)

This release will also include a major contribution from Dale Hofkens which includes the awesome searchlogic gem. The changes are primarily to how active record finds and paging are implemented. I’ve also personally noticed a big improvement in response time on a site where I deployed this patch. Users will also be able to sort some of the index tables by column now (such as order and products.)

Scheduled release date: March 9

Spree 0.8.0

This release will contain a complete overhaul of the user interface. Signficant work on this has already been done and the admin stuff is pretty much complete. Wynn posted a nice screenshot to spree-user last week for those who are interested.

David North is currently also working on revamping the front end as well. We’ve created a separate branch for this so you can take look if you’re curious. Initially the focus will be on reproducing the current front end with CSS instead of tables. David is also using the very promising SASS module for revamping the stylesheets. There will be some minor improvements to how things are implemented in this release and we’re hoping to have a fancier version of the single page checkout as well.

Scheduled release date: March 31