March 10 2009

Spree 0.7.0 Releasedby railsdog

Spree 0.7.0 is now official. The most important new feature is the new single page checkout which uses AJAX to walk you through the process. Magento and other popular commerce platforms support this method already. Single page checkout helps solve a host of problems created by unusual user behavior (back buttons, refresh, etc.) When we looked at the logs of some actual customer traffic we were shocked to see some of the crazy stuff customers were trying (ex. back, back, refresh, forward, forward, submit.)

Spree (like Magento and others) now requires javascript for checkout. Multiple page checkout without javascript will still be possible, except now you will have to roll your own solution. You will still be able to take advantage of the models and most of the controller logic of course.

The current checkout screen is quite plain. The plan is to improve the look and feel of this form in the upcoming 0.8.0 release. We’ll also be making modifications to the checkout form (splitting into partials, etc.) to make customization easier. Improvements in the client side javascript validation are also expected.

Release Highlights

  • Order numbers are now permalinks
  • Restrict shipping methods based on order contents
  • Google Analytics for Order Tracking
  • French, Norwegian and Russian Translations

Upgrade Considerations

When you run the migrations, existing order numbers will be altered (they will now have an ‘R’ appended to the beginning.) Be sure to backup your datbase before you perform the upgrade. You can also run rake spree:upgrade to copy over the latest javascripts and styles into your deployed app. You’ll need to modify your application’s environment.rb to make sure you have the necessary gem depencies.