March 23 2009

Interface Refactoring Has Begunby railsdog

A common criticism that I hear of Spree is that the interface is kind of lame and not worthy of the actual code that lies beneath it. There were a few good reasons for that of course. The primary reason was that we were putting an emphasis on the actual features (substance) over the appearance (style.) The second reason was that my personal graphics skillz are quite limited and there was a shortage of volunteers.

Fortunately, some of our community members stepped forward and offered to take on the massive task of overhauling the user interface. We decided to start with the admin interface first. David North and Wynn Netherland have worked together to produce an excellent new design for the back end. The code was on its own branch for a few weeks but with the 0.7.0 release behind us, we’ve moved it into the master branch for your enjoyment. The demo server has also been updated with the new code (rememmber to login in with user: admin password: spree.)

We’re also making progress on the front end side of things. David has made some changes already which I have pushed to a new_frontend branch in GitHub. There are some catches to getting this branch running - you will need to install Haml from the source and make sure that GithHub is in your gem resources. We’ll be making further changes to the frontend on this branch over the next few weeks so feel free to monitor our progress. Code contributions are always welcome. Please see the contributor guide for details.