April 29 2009

Upcoming 0.8.0 Releaseby railsdog

We’re on schedule for the release of Spree 0.8.0 next week at RailsConf. Last night, I created a stable 0_8_x branch which will for commits related to any last minute fixes. Those fixes will show up in the master branch as well, but we’ll also be using that branch to commit new (and possibly unstable) features that are not going into next week’s release. So, if you’ve been working off the edge code for your client project and you’re planning on using 0.8.0, then you should update your local repo to point to the 0_8_x branch.

We could also use help from our community with testing, reporting and fixing bugs. We’re aware of one show stopper bug with Safari if anyone has time to investigate that. There is also a reported issue with IE 6 that we need to finish up. The new release has added many new translations so if you speak another language, please feel free to update the config/locales files. If you do update a translation, just send me a GitHub pull request - there’s no need to file a separate ticket for this type of thing since its an ongoing rolling process. Thanks in advance for all of your help with the release.

Reminder: Be sure to follow @spreecommerce on Twitter and/or follow our RSS feed so you can stay up to date with all of the developments. We’re planning on making several exciting announcements at RailsConf.