June 15 2009

New Website Launchedby railsdog

Today we are proud to announce the launch of our new website. The updated site has been several weeks in the making and we've got a lot of new features that we think will help promote further adoption of the Spree platform. There may be a few rough spots since we were in a hurry trying to meet our own self-imposed deadline. The documentation section in particular is likely to be a little bit rough and a few spots are still outdated. With the site redesign behind us, we'll be getting back to applying code patches and improving the documentation.

Paul Callaghan has been improving our documentation while Brian Quinn has been hard at work migrating our issue tracker over to Lighthouse. The move to LH is going to have several benefits for us, including improved integration with GitHub. We're going to have a slightly more formal issue reporting and resolution process which I'll explain in more detail later in the week. Unfortunately we were not able to preserve the issue authorship informaiton during the migration. Actually, its preserved but as part of the issue text (Reported by: Sean Schofield.) So you will have to sign up for LH if you don't already have an account. In theory this lowers the barrier for reporting issues since many Rails developers already have a LH account. They also accept OpenID if you're into that sort of thing.

Paul Callaghan and I have been working on the new extension directory which we will now be using to keep track of all of the third party extensions people have been writing. We've got a bunch of them in there already with many more to be added still. If you have extensions to share please publish on GitHub and add them to our registry. Make sure you follow the instructions in our new online documentation concerning the creation of your own extensions. Special thanks to Juan José Vidal (juanjo) for the original contribution of code in the form of the tension project.

We have also made significant changes to our wiki. Most of the wiki has been ported over to the new Spree Guides. We still have a lot of clean up to do on our wiki but we didn't want to hold things up over such a small thing. In the next few days we'll be combing through the wiki and getting it down to just the bare essentials. The idea is that the wiki is going to be for FAQ, troubleshooting and other advice from users. The thinking is that the wiki is still useful even though we have this great online documentation as well. Its a work in progress so we'll see how this works out in the coming weeks.

If you're curious about who helped us with the redesign, we hired Erika Greco whose quality of work speaks for itself.

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