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February 08 2010

New Core Members: David North and Roman Smirnovby railsdog

We're pleased to announce two new core members: David North and Roman Smirnov (aka Romul). David was an earlier contributor to Spree and made his first contribution almost one year ago. He and Wynn Netherland did a complete overhaul of the Spree interface. This involved removing HTML tables from all of the frontend stuff and using blueprint, sass and compass. David was also an early adopter of Spree and built a lot of cool sites, including the jewelry collective. More recently he took over the excellent theming work that Wynn had begun and helped to bring that ambitious project to a succesful conclusion (including a complete port of the stylesheets to Less.)

Roman's first commit was a Russian translation which he contributed in August of last year. He has made a ton of small but important core contributions (89 nine of them to be exact.) He's also been instrumental in some major contributions such as Ruby 1.9 support. Roman also has an important quality that we look for in core contributors which is that he is eager to help others and work on projects that are for the common good and not just things that benefit him personally. He has been an active contributer to the spree-user mailing list and he has been doing some very heavy lifting in Lighthouse and helping us to keep track of the huge influx in contributions. Roman has also written some excellent extensions including: xapit search, solr search, product assembly and recently viewed. Sometimes Roman comes off a little "harsh" on the spree-user list but this is primarily due to language differences. He's a great guy and we're happy to have him join the team.