March 06 2010

Spree 0.10.0.beta Now Availableby railsdog

We have just released a beta version of Spree 0.10.0. We're asking developers who are planning on upgrading when the final 0.10.0 gem is released to help us with some testing. It is recommended that you try this upgrade in a "sandbox" environment that matches your production environment. This will allow you to experiment safely and observe the effects of the upgrade process.

You should make sure you have RubyGems version 1.3.6 installed and then upgrade your Spree gem as follows:

gem update spree --pre

You can then upgrade your existing Spree application by switching to your application root and running:

spree --update

There is some online documentation for the edge version but its still a work in progress. We hope to finalize the documentation next week when we push the final release. Please report any bugs you find in our issue tracker.