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April 29 2010

New I18n Projectby Sean Schofield

We would like to announce the creation of a new spree-i18nproject being hosted in Github. This is a stand alone project where we intend to recruit a large number of volunteer committers to maintain the locale files. This is basically the same approach followed by the Rails project which keeps their localizations in rails-i18n.

The project is actually a Spree extension. This extension contains translations only. The rest of code needed to support the i18n features is part of the Spree core. You will now need to install the spree-i18n extension (or simply copy just the relevant locale files) if you want to use any of the community supplied translations of Spree. Please see the i18n documentation for further details.

The core team is still 100% committed to outstanding i18n support. We're asking the Spree community to help us to maintain the locale files as you have done for us in the past. Now it will be even easier to do so because we will be giving our volunteers direct access to the repository so that these changes can be made immediately without waiting for the core team to apply patches.

Over the next few days we'll be going through old commits and automatically adding previous locale committers to the new project. If you would like to become a new volunteer or if we've left you off the list, please send a request to spree-user and we'll be glad to add you.

April 16 2010

E-Commerce Panel at Rails Confby Brian Quinn

We're pleased to announce the participation of Rails Dog CEO, Sean Schofield, in an upcoming panel of e-commerce experts at Rails Conf 2010. Sean will be moderating and participating in The State of Rails E-Commerce. If you're not already planning on attending you should consider it as there are several great reasons for doing so. We've also submitted a proposal to do a Birds of a Feather session on Spree which will give our users a chance to meet some of the core team in person.

If you're already a user or if you're actively considering Spree for your next project then you should plan on attending. Be sure to register soon though because the price goes up if you register after Monday. See you in Baltimore!