June 14 2010

Spree 0.11.0 Releasedby schof

Spree 0.11.0 has been officially released. This release makes Spree compatible with the latest Rails 2.3.8 release. Several changes to Spree were required to get this to work (especially without deprecation warnings.) The impact on existing 0.10.x stores should, however, be minimal. As always, it is suggested that you perform a complete backup of your database and system assets before upgrading.

The new release contains a change to the default Spree theme to match the new logo. Nothing drastic - just a slightly different color scheme to go better with the new logo colors. There aren't any real major features in this release but there are a ton of ton of important bug fixes and other changes. The Github compare for this release shows 173 commits by 20 different authors. So thanks once again to all of the people in the community that are working to improve Spree.