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September 03 2010

Spree 0.30.0.beta1 Releasedby schof

We're pleased to announce our first beta release of a Rails3 compatible version of Spree. This time its a little bit rougher than our usual beta quality where we encourage as many of our users as possible to try it out in advance of the official release. There are several known bugs and deficiencies in this gem so you should really hold off until the next beta release which we hope to achieve at the end of next week.

So why bother releasing an unfinished beta? There a few reasons actually. The first reason is that we are working on upgrading one of our Railsdog customers to the latest code and they are on Heroku. Heroku is much simpler when you work with real gems (as opposed to edge git clones.) The second reason is that we're now releasing Spree as a series of gems instead of a single gem so we wanted to make sure that we had this process working correctly before we started encouraging others to jump on board.

Spree is technically still a single gem but it now depends on five (soon to be six) additional gems.

  • spree_core: Basic functionality - you won't get very far without this one.
  • spree_auth: Authentication and authorization stuff.
  • spree_api: Restful API implementation
  • spree_dash: A nice overview dashboard implementation.
  • spree_sample: Contains sample products, orders and images.

When you install the Spree gem you still get all of these pieces installed automatically. We've structured things, however, so that you do have the option to pick and choose which pieces you would like to use if you're so inclined. Think Rails and how it consits of Active Record, Active Support, etc.

There is pretty much no documentation other than a few README files at this point. That will change but we're haven't invested too much in documentation up until now because things were so fluid. We're pretty comfortable with how things are working so don't expect a lot of radical changes between beta releases and the final release. We'll be focused on nailing things down and fixing bugs. Feel free to report issues in lighthouse - just be sure to tag as rails3 so we know you're talking about the new code.