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October 12 2010

Spree 0.11.1 Releasedby schof

Spree 0.11.1 has been officially released. This is a patch release that addresses several issues discovered since 0.11.0. It is also the last expected release before the new Rails3 compatible version of Spree. We'll continue to maintain the 0-11-stable branch but the focus will be on bug fixes as opposed to adding new features.

The new release addresses the following issues:

  • 818 - Migrate taxons to nested set for major performance boost
  • 1303 - Taxonomies with no taxons cause NoMethodError
  • 1414 - Bump will_paginate to 2.3.12
  • 1439 - Bump state_machine to latest version
  • 1452 - Extra closing tags in checkouts/_address
  • 1462 - Fix path finding for script/extension script
  • 1463 - Remove deprecated script/breakpointer
  • 1464 - Remove deprecated script/performance/request
  • 1475 - Require email address on checkout model
  • 1482 - Creditcard model only integer validation is wrong in syntax
  • 1492 - no such file to load -- rspec when running the tests
  • 1494 - Allow specifying where shipping methods are displayed
  • 1499 - Fix escaping HTML issue with rails 2.3.8
  • 1503 - Fix admin additional field labels id
  • 1509 - Extensions are not being loaded
  • 1515 - Shipping Methods mixed up between Country-based zone and State-based zone
  • 1523 - error from double submit on checkout payment
  • 1526 - Cannot proceed to delivery from address step when address fails to validate
  • 1534 - Backport patches from rails3 branch
  • 1538 - Could not use Check payment because validation js of credit card payment
  • 1541 - Tidy up admin interface
  • 1572 - Checkout validation can raise exception in certain states
  • 1573 - Sample payments not capturing properly
  • 1574 - Editing a paid order in admin screen can result in incorrect shipment states
  • 1621 - Add validationMode support to Gateway::AuthorizeNetCim
  • 1636 - Coupon submission destroying payment
  • 1654 - RMA number changes when record updated
  • 1658 - Credits / Voids can result in invalid order states
  • 1668 - Canceled order should allow balance_due or credit_owed state
October 01 2010

Github Pull Requests Now Welcomeby schof

A few weeks ago, the great folks at Github announced a drastically improved version of "pull requests." Up until this point we've been discouraging Spree users from sending us pull requests (even going as far as to warn users that "Github pull requests will be ignored.") We're pleased to announce that this will no longer the case. In fact, Github pull requests will likely be encouraged going forward.

The Github team has also been kind enough to write up some great documentation on working with pull requests. Contributions should still be performed on topic branches in your personal forks - just issue your pull requests from there. We're also asking that you continue to log important issues for non-trivial patches in our lighthouse repository. You can just link the pull request in the ticket (and link the ticket in the pull request.)

The Rails core team has already embraced accepting contributions via pull request - let's see how this works for our project!