November 04 2010

Be a Friendby schof

We wanted to update you on some developments in the social media space. Railsdog has recently hired a developer with deep social media experience, especially with the Facebook and Twitter APIs. One of the first things we'd like to do is start rolling out some Facebook extensions. These will be "official" extensions that will be compatible with Spree 0.30.x and beyond. They will also be actively maintained and documented

Lets make a deal with the Spree community. We recently launched a SpreeCommerce page on Facebook. We'll be using this page for news, announcements and promoting the Spree software so we can grow our community. At this exact moment we have a paltry 67 friends. We're asking all of our users to "friend" us (see the link below) so we can show everyone just how many people out there are using Spree. The deal is the faster you friend us the faster we'll push the Facebook and other features.