PayPal Express support updated for 0.40.x

We’re glad to announce that Spree’s PayPal Express extension has been updated to support the latest edge version of Spree, which will soon be released as 0.40.3.

eCheck & IPN Support

The 0.11.x version of the extension has had basic eCheck and Instant Payment Notification support for sometime now, and this release also makes these features available for the 0.40.3 and later versions of Spree. See the documentation for more on configuring eCheck & IPN support.

Less Code

As part of this update the code has been reworked and we’ve reduced and simplied the code extensively. All Active Merchant monkey-patches have been completely removed and we’re now depending directly on the release version of ActiveMerchant (1.9.0). We’ve also refactored the checkout controller additions to use the new standard decorator approach.


This release also includes some initial specs covering the Checkout controller features, with more specs to follow for IPN shortly.


Finally spree_paypal_express has been renamed and given a new home under the Spree organization on GitHub, to bring in line with the other recently updated official extensions.

The newly updated extension can be found here

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