New spree_social extension

Spree’s social integration has taken a great leap forward recently with the release of the spree_social extension. Development has been underway since late last year and was carried out primarily by one of the more recent Rails Dog pack members John Brien.

Current Features

The current release focuses on integrating Spree’s authenication system with major social networks and community sites, it provides the basis for several new social features to follow in the coming months. When configured users can auto-login to a Spree store using their Facebook, Twitter or GitHub accounts, with Google/GMail, LinkedIn and Yahoo! support to come soon.

Core Changes

spree_social necessitated several major core improvements including a migration to Devise (and the retirement of authlogic), which was previously released as part of Spree 0.40.0. This has given Spree a more open and extendable authenication platform that developers can now use to extend Spree in new and exciting ways.


Installation is very straightforward and well documented in the extensions README. Each authentication source can be configured via the administration system (see Configuration > Social Network Providers), and is flexible to support several combinations of providers in development and production modes.

spree_social is already in-the-wild and has been deployed in several production Spree stores, for more visit: You will also see it in the new and improved Spree demo which will be launching soon.

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