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Spree 1.1.2 Release Candidate

Spree 1.1.2 is now available as a release candidate (rc1.) This means that the official release is imminent and we request your assistance in testing the code before we do so. We recommend you upgrade to 1.1.2 as soon as possible due to security issues that have been recently fixed in Rails 3.2.4 as well as Rails 3.2.6.

Using the RC in your project

Since the spree_cmd gem defaults to the latest official releases for Spree (and the associated payment gateway gems), it is recommended that you use the following approach to install the RC in a new project:

<p>spree install mystore —git=git://<br />

For existing stores you can follow the standard process of updating your Gemfile

<p>gem ‘spree’, ‘1.1.2.rc1’</p>

and then install and run the migrations

<p>bundle exec rake spree:install:migrations<br />
bundle exec rake db:migrate</p>

Missing Features in Spree

Someone recently complained on the spree-user mailing list that they were disappointed with the lack of certain i18n features in Spree. We certainly have no problem with constructive criticism and we often have friendly debates about the merits of including/excluding a particular feature. I did, however, think this was a good opportunity to provide a more detailed answer to the following general question:

“Why is feature X not currently in Spree?”

  • You’re the only one to ask for it
  • You’re part of a vocal minority that feels strongly about it
  • You’re not willing to help implement it
  • You’re not willing to help us understand your idea
  • Including your idea would make it harder to maintain other useful features
  • It could be easily handled by writing an extension
  • It is not a problem specific to e-commerce (or Spree)
  • There is no consensus on the best solution

No decision is final

If the feature you’re looking for is not in Spree, it’s usually the result of an intentional decision as opposed to an oversight. That doesn’t mean our decision is final or that we don’t welcome additional discussion on the matter. If you’re willing to keep an open mind during the discussion you can expect thoughtful consideration by the members of our community.

Spree Community Milestones

It’s been almost five years now since I began the Spree project. It started with a blog post and a strongly held conviction that there had to be a better way to do e-commerce. In the past week we have also reached two symbolic milestones.

3,000 Github Followers

We now have 3,000 followers on Github. Spree continues to be one of the most-watched and most-forked projects on the popular community code sharing service. Since our project generates dozens of update messages per day only the hardcore Spree developers actually follow us on Github.

200 Contributors

The actual code behind Spree is the result of a tremendous group effort. We’re quite proud of the number of different people who contribute to Spree and last week we received contributions from our 200th contributor. Again this number somewhat understates the true level of contribution by our community. It does not include people who have contributed to other important projects such as the guides and i18n effort.

This project is maintained by a core team of developers and is freely available for commercial use under the terms of the New BSD License.

Spree, Spree Commerce and the Spree logo are all trademarks of Spree Commerce, Inc.