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Archive for September, 2013

Spree 2.1.0 Released

Spree 2.1.0 has now been officially released. Around 700 commits by 48 contributors went into making this release the best release of Spree yet.

There are not that many significant changes in this release, but there are three major things we would like to point out:

Rails 4 compatibility

This is the first release of Spree which is completely Rails 4 compatible. This effort was largely undertaken by Washington Luiz (huoxito), one of our core team members. If you wanted Rails 4 compatibility, you have it now. Thank Washington when you see him around.

API changes

In this major Spree release, the API component has been battle-tested with our experimental Spree + Marionette project. As a result of our testing, we found the API needed some improvements and we’ve done that and a bit more.

Better PayPal Express extension

We now have a better Spree PayPal Express extension which is fully compatible with this release. If you are looking for PayPal Express Checkout integration for your new Spree store, check out this extension.

For other changes, please read our release notes.

Spree 2.0.5 Released

We have just released a patch version to the Spree 2.0.x series. Spree 2.0.5 is now officially available and it addresses several minor bug fixes discovered since the previous Spree 2.0.4 release. You can review the Github compare for a complete list of changes.