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2014 Year in Review

Posted on January 15, 2015 by Alexander Diegel

The most powerful and flexible ecommerce platform for the Ruby enterprise. Spree capitalizes on the dynamic nature of the Ruby programming language to provide the most flexible commerce platform available. The Spree storefront offers a full feature set and is built on common standards, so you don’t have to compromise speed to market, efficiency or innovation. The modular platform allows you to easily configure, supplement or replace any functionality you need, so that you can build the exact storefront that you want.

That was a review of some of Spree Commerce’s key offerings, in a recent list of the Top 25 Startups in DC, of which we are proud to land at number four. But how did we get there? At this point a year ago, we were hardly on anyone’s “Top 25” radar, let alone in the top 5. It certainly did not happen overnight. With that in mind, here are some of the features we believe helped establish Spree as one of the best startups in the Nation’s Capital.

The Arrival of Wombat

Midway through the year, we unleashed our integration platform, Wombat. We are happy to say that Wombat hit the ground running. An array of clients, from the cutting edge 3D Robotics, to the 300+ year-old Fortnum & Mason, have signed on to take advantage of Wombat’s smooth functionality, arsenal of pre-built integrations and fully customizable features, to increase their speed to market and ensure that they will never again fall victim to the “silent failure” that can doom a brand’s reputation.

Since its inception, Wombat has made continuous tweaks and improvements to ensure that it remains the best piece of integration middleware on the market. Some of these enhancements include improvement to the JSON path library, and the ability to set conditions on a connection name in flows. This also includes constant additions and upgrades to our pre-built integrations—14 upgrades in November and December alone!

SpreeConf 2014

Kicking off the year was SpreeConf, hosted in New York City back in February. The third edition of the conference proved to be the most attended and participated in, from both an audience and keynote speaker standpoint.

As well as a number of Spree team members, the list of keynote speakers featured some of the best and brightest minds in ecommerce, including Bonobos’ Andy Dunn, Combat Gent’s Scott Raio, and Jirafe’s Amit Shah.

We hope to have details finalized on this year’s event soon, so keep a look out for SpreeConf 2015!

Spree Commerce

Spree Commerce hit a number of important milestones throughout the year, and had several key feature upgrades, including the releases of Spree versions 2.2-2.4. These new versions of Spree included a major line items adjustments feature, Rails 4.1 support, as well as multi-store support, and a major return authorization upgrade. Also important to note is that Spree surpassed 500 contributors, and 5,000 stars, or favorites, on Github. Those marks now stand at 577 and 5,847, respectively.

Also, making huge news across the tech world was Spree Commerce’s partnership with GoDaddy to launch GoDaddy Online Store. First announced in February, more than 5000 merchants opened stores and sold millions of dollars, even though Online Store was just in Beta mode at the time.

“The Spree platform has the underlying capabilities to serve businesses of all complexity, from small merchants to larger businesses,” GoDaddy Head of Engineering, Antonio Silveira said in October, the time of Online Store’s public launch. “We have used the platform’s flexibility to build a product that is tailored to the small merchants, making it possible for anyone with a great idea to sell online.”

There has been a lot of great work from the team in order to get us where we are, but staying on top of the game is a never-ending job. We strive to improve constantly, and with that in mind, here’s to hoping we climb that startup list all the way to number one in 2015!