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Announcing the Core Team

Posted on May 18, 2009 by Sean Schofield

I am pleased to announce the formation of an official Spree “Core Team.” The core team will be responsible for the continued maintenance and development of the Spree project, as well as assisting with our community building effort. The concept of a core team is not new - most open source projects have one (including Ruby on Rails.) The new core team members are: Brian Quinn (bdq), Paul Callaghan (paulcc) and Dale Hofkens (zzip/inifinitize).

There is also an important change to the Spree project in GitHub. The project can now be found at railsdog/spree instead of schof/spree. This shouldn’t impact too many people, since I just renamed my personal account and all of the forks and watchers should be intact. Your GitHub forks will continue to work properly but going forward you will want to clone/pull from the new repository location: git://github.com/railsdog/spree.git If you are tracking the old schof/master repository in GitHub you wil probably need to update your remote references.

For example inside of .git/config if you have a remote reference to
schof you would want to change it as follows:

<p>[remote “schof”]<br />
        url = git://github.com/schof/spree.git<br />
        fetch = +refs/heads/<strong>:refs/remotes/schof/</strong></p>

should be changed to the following

<p>[remote “railsdog”]<br />
        url = git://github.com/railsdog/spree.git<br />
        fetch = +refs/heads/<strong>:refs/remotes/railsdog/</strong></p>

Please feel free to drop us a line on the Spree mailing list if you have any troubles with the move.

You may be wondering what has prompted this change. In the past several months we have seen an explosion of interest in (and contributions to) the Spree project. We are now in the enviable position of having more contributions then can be handled by a single person. Its important that these contributions be reviewed for code quality and possible implications for the Spree community as a whole. Instead of getting bogged down with delays I’ve decided to enlist the help of these three individuals who are going to help with code review and general project leadership. Each of the new core team members has shown an excellent ability to work together as a member of a team - something that is just as important as a person’s programming ability.

You may also be curious as to what this means for my involvement in the project. I personally plan to remain very active and involved in the Spree e-commerce project. I will still be coding and I’m going to continue answer emails and IRC questions when possible. Most importantly, I will continue to provide oversight of the project and making sure that we are not straying too far from the original vision. I’m personally very excited about this step, as it allows me to offload some of the project maintenance and the entire community reaps the benefit of a faster development and release cycle. We’ve already demonstrated that we can build a pretty sweet commerce platform without a bunch of venture capital. The core team now gives us a solid foundation as we take things to the next level.