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Coinbase Releases Bitcoin Extension

Posted on April 08, 2014 by Alexander Diegel

Coinbase Releases Bitcoin Extension for Spree Commerce Stores

Coinbase has just announced that all of the 45,000-plus retailers that have elected to use the Spree Commerce platform can now easily take advantage of the benefits of Bitcoin payments.

Use of Bitcoin is on the rise, though as technology blog The Next Web detailed in a recent post, store owners still have a lot of factors to consider as they decide whether and how to accept it. There are security issues to take into account, as well as the currency’s volatility. The Coinbase platform helps merchants accept Bitcoin without having to adjust for rapid fluctuations in the currency’s price. Using Coinbase, merchants can accept Bitcoin while still specifying prices in their local currencies.

Accepting Bitcoin using Coinbase on your Spree store takes just a few minutes. For more information, visit the Coinbase blog here. To download the extension from Github, simply click here.