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Choosing Spree Commerce for Best Online Shopping

Posted on May 19, 2015 by 2beDigital

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2beDigital is a digital marketing agency based in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia and Barcelona. 2bedigital was formed by a multidisciplinary team whose principles of trust and transparency power their work.

Why do companies choose Spree Commerce for their online stores?

More and more companies are choosing Spree Commerce to be their ecommerce solution. At 2beDigital, we recommend it for its scalability and flexibility, as well as for its wide array of payment solutions. These solutions give it a real advantage over other open source platforms.

Spree Commerce can be adapted to any setting

By choosing Spree, you have access to its wide base of official extensions, as well as countless others developed by the community. Although it may require some work on the development of integrations, this application will enable you to take advantage of any gems available in the wider Ruby ecosystem.

All this ensures that your store can be optimized visually, as well as in its feature set.

Who is using Spree Commerce?

Spree is driving the storefronts for companies in a wide range of sectors. In fashion, major retailers like fine men’s clothing brand Bonobos and the beauty product line Glossier have chosen Spree. In food, Spree powers the likes of Vegan Snack Packs and Club de Quesos. And that’s just a small sample; there are thousands of retailers who are powered by Spree Commerce.

Do all stores look the same?

As we’ve seen in previous websites, there are endless possibilities in terms of the features that software engineers can add to your application. The appearance and usability of any Spree Commerce store can be as flexible and unique as your business.

Since version 3 of Spree, both the user interface and the administration area are implementing Bootsrap. The technology represented by Bootstrap opens the door to a ton of customization options. Users don’t even need to edit in HTML code; simply choose your colors and your store will be up and running in no time.

However, if you want a fully customized storefront, those aspects will take a little more work. There’s no need to worry, though, because Spree has thought of this and uses a Ruby gem called Deface. Deface replaces and easily customizes any Spree template code, so that you can easily work with any given extension. This allows you to truly customize each and every page to the needs of your customers. When combined with a personalized style, you’ll get a truly unique shop.

Spree is a great platform, and through the use of both official extensions and the community, you can create highly-customized stores that are as unique as the requirements of your business. The flexibility of Spree does not end with the possibilities of the application. By using Deface, the storefront is fully customizable so that you can develop a Spree store that is adaptable to any and all of your business requirements.

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