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FuturePay Extension for Spree Commerce

Posted on August 20, 2014 by FuturePay

FuturePay Announces Extension For Spree Commerce

FuturePay, a payment option that lets shoppers buy now and pay later, is now integrated with Spree Commerce, one of the most popular ecommerce platforms in the world. As part of the partnership, FuturePay is now seamlessly integrated with the Spree Commerce online shopping cart, allowing thousands of ecommerce merchants to instantly offer FuturePay as a payment option to their customers.

FuturePay provides shoppers with a new payment option that is secure and convenient, with no credit card required. Instead of entering multiple fields and credit card information, FuturePay shoppers can checkout in one step, putting purchases on their FuturePay Tab with just their username and password.

“With more than 45,000 online stores using their platform, Spree Commerce is an exceptional partner. We are thrilled to offer Spree Commerce merchants another payment option for their cart,” said Bobbi Leach, CEO FuturePay. “Now, with FuturePay, it’s easy for Spree Commerce merchants to provide their customers with the convenience and security of shopping without a credit card.”

About FuturePay

FuturePay is a payment option that enables consumers to shop online without a credit card. Shoppers simply put purchases on a FuturePay tab, making it easy to buy now and pay later. Instead of entering multiple passwords, credit card information and many fields, FuturePay only requires customers to enter their username and password to complete a purchase, greatly streamlining the checkout experience.

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