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Migrating Your Shop to Spree Commerce

Posted on August 13, 2014 by Resolve Digital

Resolve Digital’s Essential Guide to Migrating your Shop to Spree

Your business is booming and that’s great! Now for the bad news: The limitations of your existing e-commerce platform are costing you money.

Growth is fantastic, and is what you strive for. But lack of integration options, limited customization, and poor inventory management are just some of the common pains associated with growth. Spree Commerce can help you resolve those issues.

Resolve Digital, a Spree Commerce Certified Partner, has published the complete guide to migrating to the Spree platform. The Spree platform is known for its specialization in adaptabilty and scalability as your business expands. With that being said, these are the ten crucial issues to consider when planning a platform change.

1. Data Migration

Depending on your existing platform, your developers will use an API to migrate your product and customer data. Or if there’s no API available, they will connect directly to your database.

2. URL redirects

It’s important to set up redirects so any visitor who previously bookmarked a product page is directed to the correct page on your new site.

3. Passwords

Depending on your current platform, it is possible to come up with a solution so customers can keep their current password on your new Spree site.

4. Payment Providers

Check with your current payment provider to confirm that Spree, which uses Active Merchant, is compatible with the existing gateway for that provider.

5. Third-Party Integrations

Your site may integrate with applications like Xero, Netsuite and Shipwire. It is essential that these applications continue to function properly after the transfer.

6. Multi-channel

Wombat has a variety of pre-built integrations that cover POS (point of sale) systems, multiple brick-and-mortar retail locations and other online channels like Amazon or eBay.

7. Wombat Integration Platform

If your site processes more than 500 orders per month, you’re a good candidate for Wombat. As a fully managed environment, Wombat ensures users are registered, tracks orders, confirms that they’re completed, and that product pages are created.

8. Hosting and Performance

Spree works especially well with Ninefold, another partner, whose hosting platform specializes in deploying and hosting your site. It offers economies of scale and consistently high performance.

9. HTML and CSS

In addition to data migration, you may want to port your existing design to your Spree site. If your current design is not responsive, it should be. Spree offers responsive design out-of-the-box for a quality user experience across all devices

10. You own the code

With the Spree platform, you own the complete source code and can modify it to meet the specific needs of your business. As one of the world’s most active open source projects, Spree is used by thousands of developers worldwide.

To view these ten keys in more detail, as well as other essential ingredients to a successful platform change, download Resolve Digital’s full essential guide to migrating your shop to Spree Commerce.

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