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Missing Features in Spree

Posted on June 18, 2012 by Sean Schofield

Someone recently complained on the spree-user mailing list that they were disappointed with the lack of certain i18n features in Spree. We certainly have no problem with constructive criticism and we often have friendly debates about the merits of including/excluding a particular feature. I did, however, think this was a good opportunity to provide a more detailed answer to the following general question:

“Why is feature X not currently in Spree?”

  • You’re the only one to ask for it
  • You’re part of a vocal minority that feels strongly about it
  • You’re not willing to help implement it
  • You’re not willing to help us understand your idea
  • Including your idea would make it harder to maintain other useful features
  • It could be easily handled by writing an extension
  • It is not a problem specific to e-commerce (or Spree)
  • There is no consensus on the best solution

No decision is final

If the feature you’re looking for is not in Spree, it’s usually the result of an intentional decision as opposed to an oversight. That doesn’t mean our decision is final or that we don’t welcome additional discussion on the matter. If you’re willing to keep an open mind during the discussion you can expect thoughtful consideration by the members of our community.