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New and Improved Extension Registry

Posted on November 01, 2010 by Sean Schofield

The Spree team is proud to announce the new and improved Extension Registry. We’ve been working on this off and on for a few months now but we recently made it a priority since we’re going to need a good way to track Spree 0.30.x compatible extensions. The new extension registry is integrated right into the Spree site so you can use the same account to maintain your extensions and to list your Spree sites in the showcase. We’ve also changed the login to use your email (instead of a separate login field) so please use the password reset and remember to login with your email address if you’re having trouble accessing your account.

The new version of the registry has several improvements over the previous incarnation. The first improvement is the ability to add comments. This will allow users to add little bits of advice etc. to help with usage and development efforts for the various extensions. We’re also integrating with the Github and RubyGems services so it will be easier to get information on the source code and gem versions. Finally, we have a simple voting system which will allow owners and users of extensions to assert compatibility with a particular version of Spree. Users can override the opinion of the extension author if enough of them agree. Hopefully this will lead to a higher degree of confidence whenever you find an extension that is "green" for the version of Spree you’re interested in.

We’ve got a lot more ideas for the extension registry moving forward but we decided to push out what we have rather than waiting for it to be perfect. Ultimately we’d like to see more support for identifying viable forks and for allowing other users to "take over" maintenance of an extension (and change the official repo location.) It would also be nice to mark certain extensions as "abandoned" or "defunct" when they are superseded by new extensions or when their functionality is incorporated into Spree itself.

Special thanks to Zac Williams for his hard work on getting this built. In a few short days you should start to see more Spree 0.30.x compatible extensions listed as we start to go through them and add them to the registry.