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New Split Shipments Branch

Posted on February 27, 2013 by Sean Schofield

Coming Soon: Split Shipments!

We’ve been grappling with the issue of complex Spree stores that require sophisticated shipping and warehouse logic for several years now. While it has always been manageable to get this to work on individual store basis, a more general solution that would be useful for all stores has always eluded us (until now). We’re in the early stages, and it’s still very much a work in progress, but in the next version of Spree we’re going to be able to have that long sought after multiple shipment functionality.

Our Team is Hard at Work

Yesterday we kicked off an intensive all day hackathon to pick up on the considerable work already done by Chris Mar (shown below briefing some of our team members). We’re going to be working hard to finish the first cut this week and we will post a more detailed update once we’re done.

If you’re curious about what the code looks like you can follow along on the new split_shipments branch. We’re also pulling our community manager into the effort so we may be a little slower than normal this week getting to your questions and issues.

What type of improvements to shipping/warehouse/inventory functionality would you like to see?