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Partner Ninefold Visits the Spree Office

Posted on March 27, 2014 by Shannon Madlin

Partner Ninefold Visits the Spree Office

This week our team from our partner, Ninefold, made the very long trek from Australia and San Francisco to visit our headquarters in the Washington DC area. The week long visit included hosting our very first partner webinar, paired with a lot of brainstorming with both our development team and our marketing group, as well as an introduction to our favorite lunch spot – Chipotle.

The partnership started when Ninefold shared some incredible research they had done on site load time using Spree Commerce as the basis. That quickly developed into a popular session at SpreeConf 2014 and evolved into a fast partnership that will, and has, included a webinar series, documentation and events.

To view the webinar, Lightning Fast Page Load Times, click here.

We appreciate Ninefold taking the time to spend the week here at Spree. We continue to be impressed with their team, and we always enjoy working with our partners to identify ways that we can work more closely together. We look forward to a lot of great collaborations in the future.