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Aloha.com: The Future of E-commerce

Posted on January 24, 2014 by Partner Post - Railsdog

Partner Post: Railsdog on the Launch of Aloha.com

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of watching a project finally take flight. After months of hard work, collaboration, discussions and yes, coffee, one of our most recent clients Aloha launched last month using the Spree Commerce Platform. We worked side by side with our integration partner Railsdog to implement the solution. Aloha’s online experience presented some unique challenges and we wanted to share some of the solutions we came up with along the way.

Telling Your Story

E-commerce has quickly become an essential component of many companies. Web savvy customers these days expect companies of all stripes and sizes to have a way to purchase their products online, but just adding a buy now button is no longer sufficient. Given the proliferation of e-commerce, I think we’re beginning to see the next generation of e-commerce, and Aloha.com is a prime example of treating an online store much more as an experience, not just a transaction.

Show and Tell

In the growing world of online retail there is more and more competition for your customer’s eyes (and their wallet), so finding ways to set your company apart is essential to developing a robust e-commerce solution. Aloha’s approach to e-commerce is part of a new emerging trend of combining great storytelling, a highly curated brand image and top shelf products into a complete online experience. They didn’t want just the traditional product detail page (PDP) with a couple images and some text. They needed to tell the Aloha story, to fully engage and educate the visitor. They wanted a PDP page not only with product details and an ‘add to cart’ button but also with rich images, video, expert testimonials, even detailed ingredient lists with images for each ingredient.

In other words, they wanted to tell the Aloha story even on the PDP. We needed to find a way to give them complete control over their product’s presentation.


Building an Experience

The Railsdog solution to a highly curated product page was to tightly integrate a CMS with the Spree Commerce Platform. That allowed us to retain all the e-commerce functionality, but give Aloha the ability to highly customize each product experience. They can update and add new elements to each product, including images, videos, ingredient lists and product experts. And it goes without saying that the rest of the site, from the home page marque to the FAQ is all driven by the CMS.

End to End

Of course integrating a CMS isn’t the only unique feature of Aloha’s site. Customers can also subscribe to the Aloha supplements and receive a monthly shipment so they never have to worry about re-ordering. And the entire product fulfillment process is seamlessly handled through the new Spree Commerce Hub, so the Aloha team can focus on telling their story and providing a great customer experience.

Thanks again for stopping by! If you would like to learn more about the CMS implementation on the Spree Commerce Platform, be sure to come to SpreeConf 2014 in New York City and speak to us about the launch of Aloha.com or how we can help your business.

About our partner: Railsdog


Railsdog is a software development shop focusing on web applications and e-commerce. Railsdog provides an engaged, collaborative process while working with innovative open-source technologies. Their goal is help you design and execute clear, coherent IT and software strategies with ease.