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Q & A with Spree Commerce

Posted on June 24, 2015 by ALexander Diegel

Questions Answered by our Community

With over 15,000 commits and 620 contributors, Spree Commerce has long been proud of its community. Store owners and developers will often take their quest for an ecommerce solution to Q/A sites such as Quora, and we can always depend on our community to answer the call. Here are some recent questions and answers:

Q: What are the best eCommerce systems for a UK B2B SME wholesaler

A: Spree Commerce is what I would use—an up-and-coming open-source eCommerce solution used by 45.000 businesses around the world—including multi-million ones like Fortnum & Mason (UK based - got 20% more customers to check-out with Spree). It could be easily customized to your needs - B2B wholesale.

I recommend using Spree Commerce for the following reasons:

  • FLEXIBILITY & DEVELOPMENT SPEED: Spree is written in Ruby on Rails (web framework), highly customizable and well supported by the community (several useful extensions). With Spree you can release an MVP faster than with any other framework.
  • CUSTOM LOOK: On the front-end you can use Twitter Bootstrap 3 which is a template/theme framework which let’s you create your custom mobile-ready, responsive web design
  • FACEBOOK-LIKE UI: On the front-end we also use React (JS Library), which is created, supported and used by Facebook for a facebook-like user experience

Answered by: Michael Faber, co-founder of Spark Solutions. Read the full answer here.

Q: Which is Better, Spree Commerce or Magento?

A: We have used both and we have created stores and marketplaces from scratch. We have found that Spree Commerce is moving way faster than any other competitor; they have the most enterprise-ish features such as multiple stock locations, transfers and split shipments. We have contributed to some spree-maintained plugins and open sourced some new plugins for Spree.

Spree’s core development focuses on the core and Magento tries to add way too many features as recommended products, and that kind of thing, into the core. That slows down Magento and makes it difficult to upgrade and maintain. On the other side, the community is constantly adding a lot of new plugins to Spree, so in terms of growth Spree is doing better lately. Most of the new plugins for Magento integrate new services as new fulfilment services and the creators of the plugins are usually the same companies creating this new service. This is natural, because Magento is still stronger in the market.

Rails vs PHP is the key here! Having Rails as the backend, it’s way easier to have two teams developing two new features into your commerce and merge the changes afterwards. Try doing that with Magento…

Answered by: Gert Findel, CTO at Acid Labs. Read the full answer here.

Q: Does Spree Commerce Support Indian Payment Gateways?

A: Payu gateway is currently available in 13 countries including India & there’s an open source extension made by netguru that you can use to easily connect it to your Spree store.

Answered by: Ania Banaszek, Sales & Marketing Manager at Netguru

That’s it for this session of Q&A with Spree Commerce. Thank you to our incredible community for giving clear and responsive answers! Until next time…

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