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Rails 3.1 meets master

Posted on August 02, 2011 by Brian Quinn

As the release of our next major version (0.70.0) draws ever nearer we
feel its time to merge the rails3-1 development branch into master, and
start helping you get ready for some of the changes you’ll need to make as part of the upgrade.

While most of the changes required are standard when upgrading any Rails
application to Rails 3.1, we’ve set out some guidelines and suggestions relating to the asset pipeline to help standardize how Spree applications and extensions make use of this new feature.

While edge has contained some new theming features (Deface) for a while now the rails3-1 branch really ties this together with the Rails asset pipeline to provide an amazingly powerful and flexiable theming eco-system.

Some lite reading

There’s a lot of changes and improvements to cover so we’ve created a lot of documentation to help explain all these new features, and we strongly recommend you read through them before diving in:

  • 0.70.0 Release Notes - While 0.70.0 isn’t actually released yet, these notes are available now and provide detailed Upgrade Instructions for upgrading 0.60.x applications to 0.70.0.
  • Customization Overview - This edge guide covers all customization options now available with
    Spree, and explains how to organize (or bundle) those customizations.
  • View Customization - Explains how to use Deface and template replacements to alter the appearance of a Spree application.
  • Asset Customization - Covers Spree’s use of the asset pipeline and how you can leverage
    that to customize the stylesheets, javascripts and images included in Spree.

All of these documents are works in progress and will be amended as we get closer to release.

Not ready for Rails 3.1 yet?

For those of you who have been developing on Spree edge and don’t want
to undertake the upgrade to Rails 3.1 yet, please update your Gemfile to
use the rails-3-0 branch, which is just a direct branch of the master
before rails-3-1 was merged down.

While this branch probably won’t get any direct development it’s the
safest version to use until you’re ready to upgrade to 0.70.0.


We’re always glad to help as many people as possible contribute to Spree
and there’s still plenty of
wating to be resolved, so now’s a great time to start contributing!