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Red Badger to Host London Spree Commerce Meetup

Posted on April 29, 2014 by Alexander Diegel

The Meetup

The meetup will be hosted in Red Badger’s UK office in London. The general agenda will include an introduction to Spree, how to hack a Spree store in just two days, and Spree client Surfdome’s experience in re-platforming their e-commerce storefront with Spree Commerce. And don’t worry: Food and beverages will be provided.

The meetup will start at 7:00 PM London time on Wednesday, May 14, 2014.

About Red Badger

Red Badger is a UK-based development and design agency with a long-standing tradition of innovation and excellence. They’ve worked with titans such as BBC, BMW and Selfridges. Red Badger is a strong believer in responsive web design, and believe, quite simply, if you aren’t using it, “you’re doing it wrong.”

The Partnership

In mid-March of this year, Red Badger hosted a “Spree Hackathon” at its London headquarters. The goal was for Red Badger to take what it already knew about Spree, apply it to best practices, and expand its knowledge to see if Spree truly was the best platform available to build a unique customer experience. The result was a huge success.

In only two days the developers at the hackathon built a new ecommerce storefront from scratch. One of Spree’s developers was there, and was impressed by the enthusiasm and expertise the Red Badger team was able to provide.

Both sides were so excited by the experience and results from the hackathon that they quickly decided to keep the momentum going. Red Badger created the London meetup group so other Spree enthusiasts can get together and share their experiences. Register today and we will see you in London!