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Adjusting Adjustments with Spree Commerce

Posted on May 28, 2014 by Alexander Diegel

“Adjusting Adjustments,” by Ryan Bigg

Ryan Bigg, Spree Commerce Community Manager and author of Rails 4 in Action, was a keynote speaker at SpreeConf 2014, where he gave the audience a crash-course on Spree’s ever-evolving ecosystem.

Ryan’s speech focused on many of the key aspects that have made Spree Commerce the top choice for more than 45,000 e-commerce retailers today, including the key tweaks to the Spree Commerce hub that zeroed in on making adjustments easier, simplifying code, and making sense of tax rates.

Ryan also detailed Spree CEO Sean Schofield’s “commandments,” including retaining order-wide adjustments, avoiding excessive calculations, and circumventing unnecessary complications. These commandments led to tweaks to the hub that includeed an adjustments system that was made simple, consistent, and flexible.

Ryan focused on these key Spree Commerce tenants, and many more, so be sure to watch his video today! Ryan’s second SpreeConf session will be available soon, so check back in with us!

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