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The State of the Spree Commerce Ecosystem

Posted on June 03, 2014 by Alexander Diegel

“State of the Ecosystem,” by Ryan Bigg

The first day of Spree Commerce community manager Ryan Bigg’s SpreeConf 2014 presentation was such a success, that the masses insisted he come back for Day Two! Following up Day One’s “Adjusting Adjustments,” the author of a Rails 4 in Action dove deep into the state of the Spree Commerce ecosystem.

In his presentation, Ryan detailed the increased activity of the Spree community, including consistent and substantial increases in the amount of commits, Spree Commerce downloads, comments and notifications.

Ryan also explained Spree’s contributing guide to filling an issue, which included a comprehensive list of steps to reproduce the issue, what to expect to happen compared to what’s actually happening, and the preference for “full trace” stack traces.

Ryan’s “State of the Ecosystem” is truly a can’t-miss for Spree Commerce contributors, and anyone interested in the Spree community, so be sure to check it out today!

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