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Behind the Best Storefronts by Sean Schofield

Posted on April 10, 2014 by Alexander Diegel

Behind the Best Storefronts by Sean Schofield

As co-founder and CEO of Spree Commerce, Sean Schofield was able to provide his valuable insight on Spree Commerce’s impact on the future of the e-commerce industry at SpreeConf 2014.

Sean talked about how Spree is continuing to empower the world’s sellers. He discussed the rapid growth of Spree’s open source community and its impact on our storefront platform. Sean also updated the audience on the latest developments with the hub, which developers and store owners can use to add and manage integrations to other services such as fulfillment providers, accounting systems, and more.

In his talk, Sean outlined where Spree Commerce is going, and why now is such an exciting time to join partners and customers like Bonobos and GoDaddy, to become an integral contributor to the e-commerce future.

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