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ShippingEasy Shipping Solution Available for Spree

Posted on October 30, 2014 by ShippingEasy

About the Author

What is so novel about ShippingEasy? There are a couple good cloud-based shipping solutions out there. But, ShippingEasy was built specifically for ecommerce merchants. The software aims to solve the messy fulfilment and shipping process for online sellers through a variety of means. Automation: yielding more time to focus on growing your business. Savings: putting more money in your pocket. Exceptional customer support: delivering fewer headaches.

Getting Set Up with ShippingEasy

This section will cover how to integrate your Spree Storefront within ShippingEasy. Not into reading? Call 1-855-202-2275, chat on support.shippingeasy.com or email support@shippingeasy.com and someone will walk you through this—with a smile.

To integrate your Spree Commerce store with ShippingEasy you’ll need to access your ShippingEasy account’s Settings tab.

In the Settings tab, click on the “Stores” section

Once there, click on the the “+ Add New” button on the side of the screen.

Select Spree Commerce from the platform drop down.

Copy in your Spree Commerce store’s full URL. For example:

In another browser, log into your Spree Commerce server and click the Users tab:

Click the pencil icon next to the entry for a user that has the Admin role on your Spree Commerce server:

Verify that the Admin role is selected:

Click the Generate API Key button:

Or, if the API key already exists, copy it:

Copy the API key to ShippingEasy:

Click the Save button and you’re done! But, wait… what’s next? You’ll be able to see all of your Spree orders within your ShippingEasy Orders page like so:

You’ll discover ShippingEasy is the best shipping solution out there if you not only value cheap postage rates and advanced automation features, but also phenomenal customer service with extended hours. Try a month for free, not matter how much you ship, here.