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Shippo's Spree Commerce Integration

Posted on January 29, 2015 by Shippo Blog

About Shippo

Founded in 2013, Shippo makes shipping easy & cheap for ecommerce stores, with a developer-friendly API, seamless web interface, and the best available shipping rates. Thousands of packages are purchased, shipped, and tracked through our software every day. We’re proud to enable our customers to grow their businesses faster by helping them overcome the tedious, expensive shipping status quo.

An increasing amount of customers have asked us to build an integration to Spree Commerce, to an extent that we couldn’t ignore the requests anymore.

We’re thrilled to announce that we launched Shippo’s Spree Commerce integration. We’re excited to add another integration to our service next to the existing integrations that we already have with Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento and Etsy.

The Shippo Spree Commerce integration connects your store to all relevant US shipping providers at the same time. You will be connected to the USPS, FedEx, UPS and DHL Express. If you’re an international customer we can also help with shipping in Canada, UK, France and Germany with connections to local shipping providers in each of these countries.

How to Integrate the Shippo Spree Commerce Integration

To connect your Spree Commerce store to the Shippo Spree Commerce integration you have to download our code from Github and deploy it to your Spree Commerce store. Once you’ve done that you’ll receive a token that you can insert on this Shippo page, which will connect your store to the Shippo dashboard that allows you to manage orders and shipments. Most importantly, it creates shipping labels and manages shipping-related matters, such as tracking and customer notifications.

Get your Shipping Label in Three Simple Steps

Same as with the existing Shippo integrations, the Shippo Spree Commerce app connects to your Spree Commerce store and imports all of your open orders into the Shippo dashboard. Once you have them on your Shippo dashboard you can start fulfilling them to your customer!

The Shippo Spree Commerce integration automatically imports your customers’ addresses to pre-fill your shipping labels. That way you won’t have to copy-paste addresses anymore. Next to each one of your orders you’ll find a button that says “create label”. Clicking on this button will lead you to a page that asks for your package dimensions, which is the weight and the size of your package. We need to know your package dimensions to provide accurate shipping rates, which will be shown in the next page.

You can choose your preferred shipping provider, then buy and download a shipping label immediately.From your Shippo dashboard you can keep track all your shipments and notify your customers on the shipping status.

Spree Commerce Pricing

Using the Shippo Spree Commerce integration is free. We charge per transaction. We charge $0.05 per label when you purchase a shipping label through the Shippo Spree Commerce integration. We offer discounted shipping rates with the USPS with many discounts higher than the commercial USPS. For international shipping we have discounts with DHL Express and also create custom documents. For more about our pricing, click here.

We’re excited to now also support Spree Commerce customers and simplify shipping for all Spree Commerce stores. You can reach our dedicated customer service team at support@goshippo.com with any questions. The Shippo team is happy to help. Get started with your Spree Commerce store on Shippo today!

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