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Spree 0.30.0 Released

Posted on November 09, 2010 by Sean Schofield

The Spree team is proud to (finally) announce the release of Spree 0.30.0. Spree is now officially compatible with Rails 3.x after almost five months of relentless work. In addition to Rails 3 support, we took this opportunity to refactor a lot of the internals and to improve our test coverage.

According to the Github
, this
release consisted of 666 distinct commits by 25 different authors and
touching 2,609 different files. The number of files is a bit overstated
because we moved almost every file in the project as we reorganized
things - but still, there were a ton of changes in this release. The
official release
are available on the Spree site.

I want to thank everyone in the Spree community - especially those that contributed code and patches for the release. It took a lot longer than we wanted but we also took a huge step towards a more solid and standards-based foundation. Don’t worry, we won’t be resting after this release either. We’re looking to drop some major authentication improvements this month as well as to roll out 0.30.x compatible versions of several extensions. We’ve also started work on the new "social" extensions as promised.