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Spree 0.50.0 Released

Posted on March 23, 2011 by Sean Schofield

Spree 0.50.0 has been officially released. Several important bugs in the 0.40.x release have been addressed. There are no crucial security fixes in this release but you are still encouraged to upgrade as soon as convenient. By making these small upgrades as they are released you will only need to focus on minor changes to each point release instead of a series of important changes covering several releases.

Special thanks to Neeraj Singh who worked tirelessly for several weeks to add a huge amount of test coverage that we desperately needed. This added test coverage will make it easier to improve Spree in the future while minimizing the chances of breaking legacy functionality in the process. We’re also please to welcome several new contributors who helped with important bug fixes. A complete list of contributors over time can be found here.

You may be wondering which extensions will work with this new version of Spree. Most extensions that work with Spree 0.40.x should work with Spree 0.50.x since we did not really change any of the public API. The one possible exception is if the extension in question uses search functionality. Please see the release_notes for more details on the changes to search and other topics. We’re also going to announce some improvements to the extension registry related to versioning. Expect more details on this shortly.

This new version of Spree requires Rails 3.0.5. You can also use Github to see a complete list of changes for the 0.50.0 release. NOTE: This comparison will take a few minutes to load given the sheer number of files added to support the test coverage.


If you are updating from Spree 0.40.x you should remove the ‘20101101185116_rename_columns_for_devise.rb’ migration from your Rails app. This is because 0.50.x contains a new version of that migration with a different timestamp so it will cause issues if you try to run both migrations. Sorry for the confusion.