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Spree 0.8.4 Released

Posted on July 03, 2009 by Sean Schofield

The Spree team is proud to announce the official release of Spree 0.8.4. This is a minor patch release that takes care of a few pesky issues related to migrations and sample data. Specifically, the following issues have been fixed:

  • 494 - There are no default states for United states when you don’t load sample data
  • 551 - Remove bootstrap restriction in production mode
  • 553 - Allow creation of default user through web interface
  • 550 - Seed data no longer populated correctly
  • 552 - Allow db:admin:create rake task to be run more then once

The most important change is that we have modified the migrations so that they are no longer loading so-called "seed" data (countries, states etc.) Keeping this seed data out of the migrations fixes a whole bunch of problems. You can still create everything from scratch with a single rake task

<p>rake db:bootstrap</p>

By popular demand, the bootstrap task is once again permissable in production mode. For safety reasons it will not drop the existing database in production mode (as it does automatically in development and test modes.)

You can also still build everything from scratch using individual rake tasks. In fact, we’ve created several new rake tasks so you can have fine grain control.

The following two rake tasks build an empty database with the required seed data.

<p>rake db:migrate<br />
rake db:seed</p>

You can create an admin user (or an additional admin user if you already have one) using

<p>rake db:admin:create</p>

You can also load the sample data (assuming you don’t already have it through bootstrap) using

<p>rake db:sample</p>