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Spree 2.2.0 Released

Posted on February 26, 2014 by Ryan Bigg

Spree 2.2’s large changes include a re-working of the built-in adjustments system, caching improvements, a slightly different location for Spree’s assets and a basic implementation of risk analysis.

Adjustments system refactoring

For a while now we’ve been wanting to refactor the adjustments system and make it less confusing. Adjustments are a key part of any store, and therefore these need to function smoothly. In the end, we’ve produced an adjustments system that is more consistent and flexible than the system found in earlier versions of Spree.

Caching improvements

We’ve listened to feedback where people wanted caching within the Frontend and API components of Spree, and have added that in. Fragment caching will now happen with things such as the products list and product pages on the frontend, and on key actions within the API.

New Spree asset locations

Spree’s assets have moved within an application out of `app` and into `vendor`. Along with this, the assets have been renamed. For more information, please read this section in Core’s changelog.

Risk analysis

If an order’s payment falls outside of the proper AVS and CVS classifications, then the order will be considered “risky”. The order will need to be approved (or rejected) before anything can be done on it.


Each component’s changelogs will provide you with a more detailed log of what’s changed, so be sure to check them out: