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Spree Commerce has been Acquired by First Data

Posted on September 18, 2015 by Sean Schofield

The Big News

I’m excited to announce that Spree Commerce has been acquired by First Data Corporation. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the company, First Data is a worldwide leader in the payment space. In 2014 First Data was responsible for the following:

  • 74 billion transactions
  • $1.7 trillion in U.S. payment volume
  • 28% of all e-commerce processing worldwide

What’s Next for Spree?

We will continue to focus on technology solutions related to e-commerce. First Data has a worldwide distribution network with over 6 million business locations. We are already hard at work on developing new products for First Data based on Spree. We will be taking advantage of First Data’s financial and technical resources to bring the Spree technology to a worldwide audience. The Spree Commerce office in Washington, D.C. will remain open and we’re continuing to hire aggressively. The whole team is super excited and we’re looking forward to telling you more about it soon!

What’s Next for the Community?

First Data recognizes the important role of open source technology. They are fully supportive of our open source efforts and the Spree project will remain open source. We have an amazing open source community and that will continue for as long as there is interest in the Spree project!