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Spree Commerce Technology Dominating Ecommerce Market

Posted on July 30, 2015 by Alexander Diegel

A recent report has tracked the usage rates for ecommerce domains thus far in 2015. We are pleased to announce that Spree Commerce is the technology powering not one but BOTH of the two biggest growers in ’15.

First up is our own Spree storefront, which has seen its usage grow by an incredible 202%. Recently, ecommerce powers such as Fortnum & Mason and Bonobos have replatformed to Spree, just two of many that have made the decision to build on our Ruby on Rails-based platform.

Both Fortnum’s and Bonobos reported incredible results almost immediately. Fortnum’s in fact, saw a 15 percent customer conversion rate, a ten percent increase in on-site search conversion rate, and its 20 percent cart abandonment rate reduced to zero. Needless to say, they’re happy with the switch.

The second biggest grower in ‘15 thus far is GoDaddy. Last fall, GoDaddy chose Spree to power their endeavor into the small-to-medium-sized retailer market, known as GoDady Online Store. This redesigned platform has been cited as a primary source for GoDaddy’s growth.

GoDaddy wanted to find the simplest and easiest ecommerce solution for small and growing businesses. While making the decision, GoDaddy evaluated platforms based on criteria such as maturity, extensibility, features, modularity, adaptibility, community support and more. After months of careful review, the GoDaddy team picked Spree. With GoDaddy Online Store powering GoDaddy’s growth in ‘15, it’s safe to say they made the right choice.

So what do you have to lose by giving the giving the Spree platform a try? It’s free, and there’s no scary contracts locking you in. Give it a whirl, and see what makes Spree the fastest-growing ecommerce platform on the market.