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15 Best Practices for Mobile Commerce

Posted on April 02, 2014 by Jennifer Glantz

15 Best Practices for Mobile Commerce - From the Real World

Hot off the heels of our sold out webinar with Ninefold (if you missed that one, you can view it here), we’re excited to announce the next webinar in our newly launched series. Fifteen Best Practices for Mobile Commerce – From the Real World, presented by our partner, Dynamo, will be held on Wednesday, April 9th at 2:00 PM EDT.

How exactly can we optimize sites for each store’s unique business model, and for the expectations of the visitors who really matter? In this webinar, Andre Valle and Max Kaplun will talk about best practices that Dynamo has developed in the quest to optimize clients’ sites and businesses for the mobile consumer. There’s no shortage of ideas that you can find on the Internet, but this webinar will dive deep into the real world experience of battle-tested developers and designers who have learned what really works and what doesn’t.

· The concept of optimization
· How it fits your business
· Testing and Optimizing the mobile experience for commerce
· 15 things you can do better

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