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Payment Gateways Supported by Spree

Posted on July 15, 2014 by 3llIdeas

Exploring the Payment Gateways Supported by Spree

Any merchant who ventures to mount his or her store online will inevitably have to choose which payment collection methods to implement. It is important to users that they have different payment options to choose from, so they can select the one they are most comfortable with. This point is crucial, as it can often determine whether or not the user will complete the checkout and finish the sale.

Has picking the right gateway proven to be a dilemma with your e-commerce project? Maybe we can you help you with Spree Commerce, the complete e-commerce solution.

For practical reasons, Spree Commerce does not have an out-of-the-box payment gateway, so that your users can configure the desired system at the point of store development. Today, we will give you important guidance to some of the payment options Spree offers in its e-commerce platform.

Active Merchant

The first point to consider is that Spree implements the use of an extension called active merchant. This extension has been developed by Shopify and been made available to the community as open source software. Any project developed in Ruby on Rails, like Spree, can have access to all the payment platforms that will support this language. You can see a list of supported platforms here, highlighted by Redsys, Paypal and many others that will support both international and national level of payments.

Extension Specific Payment

We can also find various payment gateways that are open source and supported by Spree. What interests us most is the implementation with Paypal, which is supported by Spree’s innovative integration method.

Specific Extension Development

In the unlikely even that we would like to implement a special payment management system, it would be easy to have them quoted and modified. The Spree architecture allows you to easily manage and monitor transactions that are adapted to the requirements of the store.

Let’s take a look at some of the extensions available with Spree commerce, with a special focus on those used in Spain.

• Redsys implements credit card payments in a very large network of banks. You can find more information on Redsys here
• Paypal can be integrated to be used in a number of different ways, including making the checkout through paypal, or use as a direct payment gateway
• Transfer payment is not technically a payment method, since the transaction is not routed through any bank. However, it is worth mentioning due to its popularity as a payment method in Spains, and is a very popular payment method in our store.
• International Services are coming to Europe, and are very easy to integrate with and operate. Some are more expensive than others, but they are worth investigating. Some worth mentioning are Brainfree, Spreedly and Stripe, because they are easy to implement and have reasonable cost.


We must decide on what payment methods we implement regardless of installation with Spree, as the will not be a problem integrating with this platform. Instead, the true worry lies in the cost of each transaction, the security filters that apply to our customers, and the service that they will give us if any incident were to occur.

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