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Get to Know SpreeConf NYC Speaker: Scott Raio

Posted on January 28, 2014 by Shannon Madlin

Last week we introduced you to Ric Lister who will be talking about Spree operations as code at SpreeConf NYC February 26th & 27th. Today we’d like to introduce you to Scott Raio. Scott is the Chief Technology Officer, and Co-Founder, at Combatant Gentleman and will be speaking at SpreeConf about controlling the user experience.

Scott Raio

Scott Raio
Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

Scott Raio is the co-founder and CTO of Combatant Gentlemen. His background is in databases, infrastructure, and SaaS. He has a love for all things web, data, and [programming] languages.

Getting to Know Scott

What trends are most exciting to you right now?

The internet of things. The new hardware renaissance is captivating to say the least. Technology has become so cheap, connecting the physical world has never been easier. With the latest acquisition of Nest, entrepreneurs need to start thinking outside of the box with what’s possible, and I don’t mean “smart toasters”.

Any interesting projects you are working on that others might be interested in?

Currently at Combatent Gentleman, we’ve been working on an ERP for ecomm companies. Our goal is to make supply-chain, especially overseas production, seamless and efficient.

What are you most looking forward to at SpreeConf this year?

I am looking forward to meeting smart, talented hackers who are passionate about their craft.

What do you hope SpreeConf attendees remember about your talk when they get home?

I hope attendees really think about the user’s experience when building out their storefronts. How a little bit can go a long way when it comes to path-to-purchase.

Do you have any interesting picks – blogs, technology, books, new companies to follow?

Every JS hacker must read “JavaScript the good parts”. Check out WebRTC, it’s much more than video chat.

Come meet Scott and hear his talk about controlling the the user experience at SpreeConf NYC, February 26 and 27. Get your tickets now! Less than 5 weeks to go!