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Get to Know SpreeConf NYC Speaker: Emmett Shine

Posted on January 16, 2014 by Shannon Madlin

Earlier this week we introduced you to SpreeConf founders, Sean Schofield and Brian Quinn who will be talking about the future of Spree Commerce as well as Spree 2.2 Today we’d like to introduce you to Emmett Shine. Emmett is the Co-Founder and President of Gin Lane Media and will be speaking at SpreeConf about solving the platform puzzle.

Emmett Shine

Emmett Shine
Co-Founder and President Gin Lane Media

Emmett Shine, is the co-founder and President of Gin Lane. Gin Lane Media is a New York based firm that has done ecommerce design and development for some of retail’s top brands, including Bonobos, and Kate Spade Saturday. Outside of his position at Gin Lane, he owns a t-shirt line, LOLA New York, and is also an avid photographer and illustrator. He lives and works in New York City.

Getting to Know Emmett

We asked Emmett to give us his thoughts on the latest happenings in the Ruby on Rails space and some of the interesting projects he’s working on right now.

What trends are most exciting to you right now?

I’m really excited about more interactive elements and content for the front end experience of digital experiences, from video to interface elements. I’m also excited about more “connected” systems and stacks between different devices or silos of data (like a connected and intelligent user-experience for an at-home ecomm site to a users mobile device in a store speaking with physical devices and the POS).

Any interesting projects you are working on that others might be interested in?

Yes a few with clients - one of which we will be demoing a sneak peak at SpreeConf, and a few other internal proof-of-concepts that are pushing the envelope for interaction and connected systems.

What are you most looking forward to at SpreeConf this year?

Meeting other developers and business admins looking to thoughtfully push the envelope.

What do you hope SpreeConf attendees remember about your talk when they get home?

I want SpreeConf attendees to remember our thoughtful and helpful holistic approach to web - and how Spree empowers that.

I want my talk to be very actionable. First, I will convince people they should spend time on this. Second, I will tell them how to begin.

Do you have any interesting picks – blogs, technology, books, new companies to follow?

This was a nice recent article on what’s changed in design in the past year and what’s next, nothing too deep just a nice topline read. Also, 4D in-browser prototyping is interesting, I just subscribed to Benedict Evan’s nice newsletter, and I have been listening to a ton of Podcasts. Accidental Tech, 99% Invisible, The Talk Show with John Gruber, + Freakonomics, Stuff You Should Know and NPR: Planet Money are amongst my favorites.

Come meet Emmet and hear his team talk about their approach to ecommerce online at SpreeConf NYC, February 26th & 27th in New York City. Get your tickets now.