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Spree Community Milestones

It’s been almost five years now since I began the Spree project. It started with a blog post and a strongly held conviction that there had to be a better way to do e-commerce. In the past week we have also reached two symbolic milestones.

3,000 Github Followers

We now have 3,000 followers on Github. Spree continues to be one of the most-watched and most-forked projects on the popular community code sharing service. Since our project generates dozens of update messages per day only the hardcore Spree developers actually follow us on Github.

200 Contributors

The actual code behind Spree is the result of a tremendous group effort. We’re quite proud of the number of different people who contribute to Spree and last week we received contributions from our 200th contributor. Again this number somewhat understates the true level of contribution by our community. It does not include people who have contributed to other important projects such as the guides and i18n effort.

Trung Le Joins the Core Team

Today we are pleased to announce that Trung Lê (aka joneslee85) is joining the Spree core team. Trung Le began posting on the spree-user group two years ago and has been actively helping users there ever since (over 400 posts!) He has been a tireless advocate for Ruby 1.9 support in Spree and is one of the top all time contributors to Spree. You can checkout his Github history to learn more about his contributions.

Trung Le is also frequently helping others on the #spree IRC channel. Most recently he helped to lead the charge on the namespace project. He has all of the qualities in an ideal core team member - long term interest in the project, a willingness to help others and contributions to the codebase. Please join me in welcoming “Jones Lee.”

Ryan Bigg Joins the Spree Team

Today we are pleased to announce that Ryan Bigg has joined the Spree team in the role of community manager. For those of you who don’t know Ryan, a quick glance at his Github profile will tell you all you need to know about his passion for open source. If you’ve read his brand new book you also know that he is well-versed in Rails and a great writer. Finally, if you were at RailsConf last year you already know that he is a Ruby Hero.

When we announced our funding we told you that we had big plans for Spree. One of our goals was to hire a full time community manager for Spree. The idea was to have someone dedicated full time to continuing to improve the strength of our open source community. We have a very healthy core team and lots of contributors but we’re not satisfied with that. We want better documentation, more tests and faster turn-around time on bugs and pull requests. We also have a ton of new ideas for new features and possible integrations.

In order for us to address all of these lofty goals we decided to hire someone full time to help with the cause. Ryan Bigg was on our very short list of ideal candidates and we’re thrilled that he’s decided to join us. As luck would have it, he was already working on a very large Spree project when we reached out to him. He doesn’t officially start work until next Monday but he’s already been helping out on the namespace branch and answering questions on spree-user.

Ryan will be speaking this weekend at Ruby C and he’ll be leading our Rails training in February at SpreeConf.

Update: This short video will tell you all you need to know about why Ryan will be an awesome addition to the team.

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