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New base theme now on edge

We’ve just pushed a new base front-end theme to edge that dramatically improves
on the original out-of-the-box look for Spree, while still maintaining a
simple base for additional theme and styling changes.

Responsive Layout

This new base theme also features a responsive layout which will
reorganize the structure of the page depending on the screen size of the
device that’s viewing page. Checkout the edge code and just resize your browser to see
it in action.

Maintaining Compatibility

While most of the underlying markup remains unchanged, some new elements
have been added only where necessary. Some tags have also changed for
example from h6 to h3, but we’ve maintained all object id’s, class names and
data-hook attributes as much as possible to maintain support for
existing Deface overrides.

Some of these changes will require updates to existing themes but we are
already working on updating both the Spree Blue and Rails Dog Radio

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